Saturday, May 7, 2011

More birds for Angola.

Still working on Angola, but we have added some great photos and new pages as well as giving the Angola home page an uplift. Sladen's Barbet Least Honeyguide Square-tailed Sawwing, Brazza's Martin, Grey Greenbul, Pale-olive Greenbul, Xavier's Greenbul, Black-collared Bulbul, Slender-tailed Cisticola, Cloud Cisticola, Black-necked Eremomela, Yellow Longbill, Pulitzer's Longbill, Laura's Woodland-Warbler, Boehm's Flycatcher, Little Grey Alseonax, Red-cheeked Wattle-eye, Black-necked Wattle-eye, Blue-headed Crested-Flycatcher, Bates's Paradise-flycatcher, Pale-breasted Illadopsis,   Violet-tailed Sunbird, Superb Sunbird,  Johanna's Sunbird. These are some of the birds we need. The final list for Angola will be published within the next few days.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another new Owl and a brilliant new photo of an old favourite.

Photo By Réjôme Jérôme Micheletta March 12, 2011 © all rights reserved 
Still had time for some great new birds on the Angola list

Bird of the day Sokoke Scops Owl

Although we made good progress on the Angola list, we did digress too South America and Kenya. I have a special love of Owls and it's rare to get a photo of a new one. So I was thrilled with the photo of the Sokoke Scops Owl by Megan Perkins. Here's a few more birds for our wish list:- Slender-tailed Cisticola, Cloud Cisticola, Black-throated Apalis, Masked Apalis, Buff-throated Apalis, Brown-headed Apalis, Black-necked Eremomela. If you can help, please do so.
Thanks for all your wonderful support, yesterday alone we had well over 200 photos

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Angola The list so far

The Angola pages
The list is getting shorter, Three new photos  Swamp GreenbulWestern Bearded Greenbul &  White-bearded Greenbul from Seth of Rabi But we still need photo's of these
Black Spinetail, Loanda Swift, Sladen's Barbet, Least Honeyguide, Thick-billed Honeyguide, Square-tailed Sawwing, Brazza's Martin, Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike, Grey Greenbul, Ansorge's Greenbul, Spotted Greenbul, , Pale-olive Greenbul, Xavier's Greenbul, Common Bristlebill, Lesser Bristlebill & Black-collared Bulbul.
We have completed the thrushes and an now on the Cisticola's One of our new additions the Whistling Cisticola follow the link for more photos to ha this bird and get more information.

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Nik Borrow © All rights reserved (Birdquest)