Monday, September 5, 2011

How dare they be so stupid.

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has raised concerns about whether Sea Eagles could differentiate between children and their natural prey. They haven't got any creditable argument so they use an incredible one. These morally bankrupt people will say anything to justify killing a superb creature.
They have lost the argument now they have lost their marbles.
The Sea eagles have managed to avoid killing people so far not just in Scotland but Worldwide. Sea Eagles have good reason to fear people and do not attack children.
White-tailed Eagles are the fifth largest of the worlds Eagles and are magnificent birds. They were persecuted to extinction in Brittain by people who knew no better, Now they have a second chance and we have a second chance to prove we have moved out of the dark ages and can coexist with nature. Don't let anyone spoil that chance.

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