Monday, May 13, 2013

The Philippines

We are continuing to work on the Philippines, covering the area more thoroughly with lists for all the regions. Soon there will be a page for every bird on the Philippines checklist. Thank you for all your great photos.
We need photos of the following species:- Brown-banded Rail, Dark-eared Brown-Dove, Negros Fruit-Dove, Mindoro Scops-Owl, Pygmy Swiftlet, Palawan Swiftlet, Whitehead's Swiftlet, Southern Sooty-Woodpecker, Mindanao Racquet-tail, Camiguin Hanging-Parrot, Blackish Cuckoo-shrike, Black-bibbed Cicadabird, Tablas Drongo, Visayan Blue-Fantail, Tablas Fantail, Visayan Bulbul, Rufous-headed Tailorbird, Panay Striped-Babbler, Mindanao White-eye, Golden-crowned Babbler, Visayan Pygmy-Babbler, Bagobo Babbler, Rusty-faced Babbler, Grey-banded Babbler, Visayan Miniature-Babbler, Mindanao Miniature-Babbler, Whiskered Flowerpecker, Cebu Flowerpecker, Red-chested Flowerpecker, Lina's Sunbird.
I'd like to thank everyone for their help in the past & ask for help finding these photos, Please contact me via e-mail To see all the wonderful photos, many of them new visit the Philippine page.

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