Monday, May 18, 2015

Rock thrush

Rock Thrush's (Genus Monticola) Edit complete

view photos Photo by tuckhoon © all rights reserved

Forest Rock-ThrushMonticola sharpeiLeast Concern
Amber Mountain Rock-ThrushMonticola erythronotusEndangered
Benson's Rock-ThrushMonticola sharpei bensoniMerged with 6247 F R T
Littoral Rock-ThrushMonticola imerinaLeast Concern
Cape Rock-ThrushMonticola rupestrisLeast Concern
Sentinel Rock-ThrushMonticola exploratorLeast Concern
Short-toed Rock-ThrushMonticola brevipesLeast Concern
Transvaal Rock-ThrushMonticola pretoriaeSub- species
Miombo Rock-ThrushMonticola angolensisLeast Concern
Rufous-tailed Rock-ThrushMonticola saxatilisLeast Concern
Little Rock-ThrushMonticola rufocinereusLeast Concern
Blue-capped Rock-ThrushMonticola cinclorhynchusLeast Concern
White-throated Rock-ThrushMonticola gularisLeast Concern
Chestnut-bellied Rock-ThrushMonticola rufiventrisLeast Concern
Blue Rock-ThrushMonticola solitariusLeast Concern

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